The Lazy J describes a cattle brand in use since the 1930's. The brand was designed by C. B. Johnson, Sr. as the brand for his cattle ranches in the Coastal Bend area of Texas. C. B. Sr. grew up in Williamson County, Texas, not far from Austin. Moved to Houston in 1932 and founded a livestock commission company at Port City Stockyards bearing his name. Over the years, thousands of cattle bore the Lazy J brand until his retirement in 1963.

Today, The Lazy J serves as the name of the Johnson family acreage in the Hill Country of Texas, near Wimberley. Providing The Family and their guests an escape from the rigors of modern day life with both seclusion and conveniences. The peaceful quiet of the beautifully clear Blanco River with the private access, the proximity to Wimberley with the quaint shops and restaurants, Canyon Lake recreation, and the closeness to both Austin and San Antonio provide a true escape.

The Lazy J welcomes to you to the Hill Country!

Wimberley, Canyon Lake and the Blanco River near the Lazy J Ranch. Learn more about the history of this beautiful area.

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Over the years we've taken many great photos. We've shared some of our favorites as a taste of life at the Lazy J Ranch.

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